Lily Anne

Lily Anne
18 months

Monday, February 28, 2011

Soon I'll be two!

I've been so busy since I came home from the butterfly hospital!  I still like the butterflies, but I love being home! I am pretty scared of anyone I haven't seen in a while, and I am really scared of strangers! Mommy says it's ok but after that hospital, I'll decide for myself! So if you haven't seen much of me and I am scared of you it's because I'm scared you might give me a shot or put a NO NO on my arm!  I didn't like my NO NO! I don't ever want one of those again!

I just want Mommy and Daddy! Especially Daddy! He even came home for a few days and spent time at home with me and Mommy! I sure love my Daddy! When Daddy was home he was very sick and we had to take HIM to the doctor.  I didn't like that Daddy was sick, but I was glad it wasn't me getting a shot! He slept a lot and I made Mommy let me see that Daddy was in the bed! I just wanted to make sure! I wanted Daddy to hold me all the time when he was here! I even told Mommy NO and held on to Daddy! She understood that I still love her, but I just wanted my Daddy! I miss him so much! He was here and then gone again.  I thought he was back again because the bathroom light was on! I went to tell Mommy that Daddy was home, but she said he's at school! I didn't like that much.  I love him so much! He is at school again now and I just want him home! Whenever we go somewhere I hold on to my Mommy and don't want her to let me go!

Mommy and I went and visited her cou cou (cousin) yea that's what Mommy said! Cousin. He just got back from Af... Afff (Afghanistan) and his wife cooked spaghetti! YUM! It was good! Oh and since I got home food sure does taste yummy and is easy to swallow! So I eat all the time! My favorite new word is Eat! And I tell my Mommy, Eat Good Girl! I LOVE the stuff Mommy makes for me!  I even take big girl bites and chew them up and swallow them ALL GONE! So when we were at Brandon and Morgan's, Mommy, Morgan and I went to the party store! I didn't know what Mommy and Morgan were talking about, but I sure liked it when we got there! There were all kinds of neat hats and so many balloons! I tried on a pink hat and ran around with it on! Mommy bought stuff for my party! She said it's my birthday party! I hope my Daddy will come! Mommy is throwing me an animal party! My plates and cups and decorations are so pretty! They have cows, and chickens, and pigs on them! She even got me a pig balloon that is as big as me!  I hope my best friends Olivia and Mary come! I know my preemie besties won't be able to come because they live far away! We can wear pig, cow and chicken hats and run around and play! Mommy said we will eat cake! I LOVE CAKE! I hope there's cake! I don't know what my birthday is, but it must be pretty special! Because Mommy bought all kinds of stuff, the pig balloon AND THERE'S GONNA BE CAKE! Cake is SO YUMMY! After the party store we went back to Brandon and Morgan's house and I got to play with Brandon and the kitty Peanut! I got to feed Peanut treats! That was fun! I even gave Peanut a kiss, ok I gave Peanut a lot of kisses! When we left I gave Brandon and Morgan BIG HUGS! I like them!

Mommy has been taking me to play with Olivia a lot! I don't like it when Mommy leaves, but I like that I get to play with Olivia! She doesn't leave me there very long and I have fun! I want to go play with my lalayla (Dalana)! I haven't seen her in a little while! I think she's been busy! When I grow up I'm gonna be a big girl like lalayla! Mommy needs to call her and have her come play with me! She takes me outside and plays with me a lot! When I go to lalayla's house, I play with Natty! I love Natty!

I know I am forgetting something! Oh! That's right! My new favorite show is Calliou! I LOVE CALLIOU! He is a lot of fun to watch! I watch him and color! Today I colored on the carpet! Mommy told me not to and I did it anyway.  Then I got a time out AND had to clean up the marker! I didn't like time out, but cleaning is fun! I love cleaning! When Mommy cleans she gives me a rag too and I help! I also help with the laundry and cooking!  I am a big girl! I am such a big girl I can count! When Mommy says one, I say two! Mommy says I am going to be two on Sunday! She is trying to teach me to hold up my two fingers, but it is hard! I'll get it though cause I'm smart!

Well, that's all for now! I'll write some more after my birthday party and let you know all about my cake!

See Ya Later!


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