Lily Anne

Lily Anne
18 months

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Arrival

GUESS WHAT!  We have a new arrival in our home!  The stork blessed us with a VERY healthy, full term baby!  We prayed for months and months for a healthy, full term baby, who would eat, sleep, poop and pee without any challenges in doing so!  God blessed us and answered that prayer with a yes! 

Allison Nicole is such an easy baby!  Lily... we never imagined she would transition into the role of Big Sissy with such grace and charm.  We shoulda known though!  She's always handled change and challenge with such style and grace!  She dotes on Allie night and day!  If she even fusses for a single second, Lily tells Mommy - Mommy she needs some booby milk!  Lily named it that :-) 

As if we weren't blessed enough, military personnel now get ten days of leave to spend with the new arrival, that doesn't get charged to their leave bank (Thanks Obama Administration)!  Jon was able to spend every second with Tiffany in the hospital (just as he did with Lily), and had ten whole days to bond with Allie!  The two are best buds and snuggle buddies!  It's brought him closer to Lily too!  Blessings all around!

Allie weighed in at a whopping SEVEN POUNDS, 7.9 ounces; 19.5 Inches long!  She eats and eats and eats!  She's a little over 4 weeks old now and already weighs 9 pounds, 12 ounces!  Tiffany wanted to keep Allie in her belly until at LEAST 39 weeks.  Sure "full term" is 37 weeks... but research has shown that an awful lot of brain development is still going on until the 39th week.  Well, Allie made it!  She was born at 39 weeks, 6 days!  One day before she was due!  Jon, Tiffany & Lily couldn't be more thrilled about that! 

We've had to make some adjustments pretty early on with Jon being in the Marines.  Thankfully when the squadron participated in "Bold Alligator" training less than a week after Allie was born, the squadron assigned Jon to the "stay behind" crew so that when his ten days of leave expired, he just worked at the shop during regular working hours and he didn't have to leave with the rest of the squadron!  But when the next training "Emerald Warrior" came along, Jon had to leave early with the advon group and set up in Florida.  The girls miss him terribly, but have transitioned into a routine and are counting the days until he comes home again!

We will be making the trip to Tennessee for a couple of weeks for Jon's predeployment leave for some much needed back home visiting!  We'll be staying in the old farm house as Jon's sister Crystal graciously offered to let us stay there so we could have privacy and comfort when we are back home!  Talk about accommodations!  Can't beat having an entire house to ourselves, and it being the one we lived in when Lily was born!  We can never thank Jon's parents enough for allowing us to stay there all that time, and having such a great place to stay when we visit!  And we can even bring Tito!  And we will!  Jon's family misses Tito as much as they miss the rest of us, he is their grand-dog after all! 

Well, that's about all for now!  Lots of Love,  The Parrish's!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Big news!

Hey!  It's me! So let me see... where do I start!  Um! Um! Um! Um! Mommy took me on an airplane to go see Daddy!  That was so fun because when we landed, Daddy was there!  We got in his truck and went to this really loud place with jets and choppers!  It was Easter and I met the Easter Bunny!!!!  And hunted eggs!  Mommy and Daddy said I did a good job!  I am glad because in those eggs was CANDY!  And I love candy!  Mommy said we were only going to get to see Daddy a few days, well I can tell you a few days is a REALLY REALLY long time!  Because we stayed there so long that we got to see Daddy graduate!  Daddy took Mommy and me to the aquarium and the beach and a fort and we had a lot of fun!  And then!!!!!  He got to drive us home to Tennessee!

When we got home, Mommy and Daddy packed everything in my room and the whole house while I played at Grandma n Pop Pop's n Dalana's and just anywhere I wanted to go!  When I go with Pop-Pop, I get to feed she-she's (fish) and the cows!  I LOVE to do that!  It is my most favorite thing in the whole world!  And then, I even got to see my GG!  I haven't seen GG since I was a baby, and I don't even remember that!  Her and great-Grandpa got me a baby!  I love my baby! 

Then Daddy and Mommy got a great, big, giant, huge truck!  It was so big, it fit all of our stuff!  Even my bed!  Then they put Mommy's car on a thing behind the big truck!  And Mommy and I got in Daddy's truck and we drove behind Daddy for a REALLY REALLY long time!  When we stopped, we stayed in a hotel and even got to let Te-O (Tito) stay with us!  Te-O rode with Daddy!  I wanted Te-o to ride with me, but Mommy said no.  :-(    Then we drove a really long time again and when we got there, Schwabie and Lela (Leah) and a bunch of Daddy's friends met us at a pretty house!  And guess what!  It's OUR house!  I love it!  It is fun because Lela and Schwabie come see us all the time!  But then it is sad, because Mommy and Daddy say it is REALLY far to Pop-Pop and Grandma's house!  :-(  I still like our new house! 

So since we have a new house in North Carolina, we live with Daddy because he is done with school and that makes Mommy and me VERY HAPPY!  Oh and a couple of days after we got here, Mommy and Daddy told me I am going to be a big sister and I am so excited!  Mommy has a baby in her belly and I talk to it and kiss it all the time!  Mommy said the baby has to grow in there until a whole month after Christmas! That's a REALLY long time!  But I can wait!  I just hope that baby waits, because Mommy and Daddy worry after I came early and we all want the baby to be big n strong n healthy! 

So Mommy has to go to the doctor a lot for the baby, but when she does I get to go to DAYCARE!  I love Daycare!  I get to play with kids and friends and on the slide and in the sand and paint and have fun!  And I don't go to Doctor Holly anymore.  I miss her, but I like my new doctors.  They have she-she's on the door!  And that doctor sent me to see Miss Amy!  She plays with me and we eat!  She gives me candy and snacks and drinks and if she wants me to do something, she will let me play with a toy and then I will do it.  Sometimes I make her let me play a little longer before I will do it.  Because I am smart!  And then we went to a doctor far away and there was this REALLY OLD doctor, but he was nice!  I like the doctors in North Carolina!  Not one single doctor has given me one single shot!  I HATE SHOTS!  NO SHOTS in North Carolina!  I like it here!  Anyways, that doctor was at least FIVE HUNDRED!  And he had the nurse put something on my cheek and then Mommy drove me to another doctor and I went in with a lady and they took a picture of my arm.  They were checking me for See disease (Celiac's disease).  Whatever that means, all I care about is I didn't get a shot!  Well, the doctor called Mommy and said I have the marker for Celiac's and now I have to go back in August and have a scope.  I don't know what that is, but it better not be a shot!  I HATE SHOTS! 

Daddy works a lot, but he does that so that he can take care of Mommy and me and we love him for that!  But we miss him when he's not at home!  Since we've been here with my Daddy, he and I have gotten REALLY close!  Like best friends!  I LOVE MY DADDY!  AND I LOVE MY MOMMY TOO!  Oh and a few days ago, we went on a LONG drive and we brought Te-O and went to Tennessee!  We got to spend time with Grandma, Pop-Pop, Aunt Hopey, Aunt Cree-So (Crystal), Papa, Mamaw, Mandy, Wesley, Kory, Dakota, Dalana, and Brandy!  Pop-pop took me a bunch of times to see the cows and feed the she-she's!  And when we were at Papa's, he and Daddy took me to the water!  But Pop-Pop took me THREE TIMES!  He spoils me so much!  I just follow him everywhere because I love him!  And I got to go to the grocery store with Grandma and Aunt Cree-So!  That was fun!  I got to spend a lot of time with Grandma, Aunt Cree-So and Aunt Hopey!  Uncle Marcus was busy, so I didn't see him much.  I sure miss him though!  I got to spend the night with Mandy and Wesley and Kory and Dakota!  They spoil me too!  They gave me a bunch of candy and stuff and books!  And built me a new cardboard house!  I love them too!  They took me to a parade and Mommy and Daddy were in the parade!  Then I went with Mommy and Daddy and we played games, n won prizes n ate ice cream and then Mommy and me did a cake walk.  I don't know why they call it that because we didn't walk on any cakes!  But after we walked round and round and round a bunch, Mommy yelled and picked me up and I got to pick out a cake-cake!  There was a cake-cake with marshmallow stars on it so I picked it out!  Ruby McClure made it!  She sits with her Mommy and Grandma in front of Pop-Pop and Grandma in church!  It was so yummy!  THEN we went to Grandma and Pop-Pop's house and ate and everyone but me and Mommy fell asleep!  So Mommy asked if I wanted to go play with Olivia!  So we went across the street to Aunt Jamie and Uncle Michael's house and I got to swim with Olivia and Lauren and Brandon and Gracie!  Then Samantha put shiny stuff on mommy's hair!  And then Mommy took me back to Daddy!  And I got to see Tyrell, Orry and Cathryn!  Then Grandma rocked me to sleep and the next day we drove back to North Carolina!  I sure loved seeing all of my friends in Tennessee!  Mommy, Daddy and I miss Tennessee!  They said we can move there again in a few years!  I hope that's not a long time!

Love Ya!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pictures

Hello!  HowerU! That's what I say when I talk on my phone!

So the other day, the sun was shining and Momma took me on a long drive, not going to see Daddy- long, but a long drive in town.  When she stopped the car, she let me out and there was a lady there and a WHOLE BUNCH of pretty butter cups! Momma asked me if I wanted to wear my hat and I said yes! Then Momma told me I could walk around and pick flowers! She showed me how to pick flowers, that was so fun!  That lady that was there kept taking my picture and Momma said I should try to catch the lady!  I chased her and chased her and had the BEST time!  Momma chased me and I chased Momma!  We got to run around and around in the flowers, and that lady kept taking my picture!  I don't know who she was but she was hard to catch!  I did catch her a few times though and she tickled me!  The pictures the lady took turned out cute!

Yesterday when I went outside it was a little cold and Momma asked me if I wanted to wear my hat, Momma told me it's the one Grandma, Pop & Aunt Hope got for me and because I LOVE my hat, I said YEA!  I wore my hat with a big petty flower outside all day yesterday!

See Ya Later!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today I am two!

This morning when I got up I was at Dalana's! We played for a while with Katelynn and Madison! That was so fun! Then Mama came to get me and I was so excited to see her! When we got home there were balloons everywhere! Mama put some on the mailbox and in the living room and in the dining room! I was so excited! There was a banner that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY with cows and chickens and pigs and sheep and a horse and a duck! I LOVE ANIMALS! In the dining room and on the porch there were decorations that had other animals on it, like a unicorn and dolphin! Mama sang me Happy Birthday and I liked it! Then I took a bath to get ready for my party! I didn't know what Mama was making such a big deal about but I know now!

First Mama's friend Lauri came with my friend Maybree! They brought CAKE!  I love cake!  I wanted to eat the cake and when Mama said I had to wait for my party I got mad! Then Olivia came and I was SO EXCITED! I screamed and waved at her in the window! Olivia brought her Mommy and Aunt Jamie and of course Clairebear! More and more people kept coming and I was so excited! Mary came with her mommy, Sandra! Then PAPA and MAMAW HELEN came and I screamed and they wanted hugs, but I got scared! I gave them hugs later when I wasn't so scared! Then Aunt Mitzi came! Oh and Dalana came and brought her mama too! And Jana came!  I love everyone that came!  After everyone got there we played pin the tail on the donkey.  Mama made Dalana wear a blindfold and she spun Dalana around.  The rest of us didn't have to do that... Clairbear didn't play, she was busy eating! Olivia won and she got a prize! It was markers and me and all my friends colored with her markers!  That was so fun!  When I was coloring Papa was tickling me and I liked it!

After we colored a while, then people ate food!  I wanted cake and I got mad at Mama again! Then Daddy called and mama kept talking to him about the laptop... so I played some more! Finally Mama brought me in the kitchen to eat cake!  AND DADDY WAS ON THE LAPTOP and I smiled at him! I love when Daddy is on the laptop! Mama lit my candle and then everyone started to sing and it scared me and I cried until Mama came and hugged me.  Mama picked me up and then I smiled at everyone! Mama wanted me to blow out the candle and that was silly, so Mama helped me!  THEN I FINALLY GOT TO EAT CAKE!  My very own 2 cake! It was chocolate!  Then everyone ate the animal cake!  Mary and Olivia sat at the table with me eating cake!

After we ate cake, I played a little while with my friends.  Then Mama said it was time to open presents! My first present was a rake and all I wanted to do was play with my rake and Mama wanted me to open presents! So finally I went back and helped Mama open my presents!  I got a laptop from Pop, Grandma, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Hope! Aunt Mitzi got me fruit roll-ups and a really neat book! Emily and Maggie didn't get to come because Emily's been sick :-(  BUT they still sent me a present!  It was a vacuum that is just my size and REALLY works!  Dalana and Brandy got me some punching balloons, a drawing pad thingie and some special rewritable papers! Uncle Marcus, Aunt Amanda and cousin Bradley got me a pillow that has my name on it!  I know Aunt Amanda worked really hard on that! Papa and Mamaw got me a blanket and a pillow to match! Mary and her mama got me a couple pairs of VERY comfy pajamas! Jana got me the cutest outfit with matching hair bows!  Olivia, Clairbear and their mama got me some Barbies!  Aunt Jamie got me the cutest dress!  The rake was from Daddy and Mama... they also got me a doctor play set and a GIANT coloring book with stickers!  A lot of the cards I got had stickers in them and that will be a lot of fun to play with Mama!  I think that is EVERYTHING I got, MAN that is a lot of stuff! 

My favorite part of my whole birthday was Daddy on the laptop and my friends all coming over to play and eat CAKE!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Soon I'll be two!

I've been so busy since I came home from the butterfly hospital!  I still like the butterflies, but I love being home! I am pretty scared of anyone I haven't seen in a while, and I am really scared of strangers! Mommy says it's ok but after that hospital, I'll decide for myself! So if you haven't seen much of me and I am scared of you it's because I'm scared you might give me a shot or put a NO NO on my arm!  I didn't like my NO NO! I don't ever want one of those again!

I just want Mommy and Daddy! Especially Daddy! He even came home for a few days and spent time at home with me and Mommy! I sure love my Daddy! When Daddy was home he was very sick and we had to take HIM to the doctor.  I didn't like that Daddy was sick, but I was glad it wasn't me getting a shot! He slept a lot and I made Mommy let me see that Daddy was in the bed! I just wanted to make sure! I wanted Daddy to hold me all the time when he was here! I even told Mommy NO and held on to Daddy! She understood that I still love her, but I just wanted my Daddy! I miss him so much! He was here and then gone again.  I thought he was back again because the bathroom light was on! I went to tell Mommy that Daddy was home, but she said he's at school! I didn't like that much.  I love him so much! He is at school again now and I just want him home! Whenever we go somewhere I hold on to my Mommy and don't want her to let me go!

Mommy and I went and visited her cou cou (cousin) yea that's what Mommy said! Cousin. He just got back from Af... Afff (Afghanistan) and his wife cooked spaghetti! YUM! It was good! Oh and since I got home food sure does taste yummy and is easy to swallow! So I eat all the time! My favorite new word is Eat! And I tell my Mommy, Eat Good Girl! I LOVE the stuff Mommy makes for me!  I even take big girl bites and chew them up and swallow them ALL GONE! So when we were at Brandon and Morgan's, Mommy, Morgan and I went to the party store! I didn't know what Mommy and Morgan were talking about, but I sure liked it when we got there! There were all kinds of neat hats and so many balloons! I tried on a pink hat and ran around with it on! Mommy bought stuff for my party! She said it's my birthday party! I hope my Daddy will come! Mommy is throwing me an animal party! My plates and cups and decorations are so pretty! They have cows, and chickens, and pigs on them! She even got me a pig balloon that is as big as me!  I hope my best friends Olivia and Mary come! I know my preemie besties won't be able to come because they live far away! We can wear pig, cow and chicken hats and run around and play! Mommy said we will eat cake! I LOVE CAKE! I hope there's cake! I don't know what my birthday is, but it must be pretty special! Because Mommy bought all kinds of stuff, the pig balloon AND THERE'S GONNA BE CAKE! Cake is SO YUMMY! After the party store we went back to Brandon and Morgan's house and I got to play with Brandon and the kitty Peanut! I got to feed Peanut treats! That was fun! I even gave Peanut a kiss, ok I gave Peanut a lot of kisses! When we left I gave Brandon and Morgan BIG HUGS! I like them!

Mommy has been taking me to play with Olivia a lot! I don't like it when Mommy leaves, but I like that I get to play with Olivia! She doesn't leave me there very long and I have fun! I want to go play with my lalayla (Dalana)! I haven't seen her in a little while! I think she's been busy! When I grow up I'm gonna be a big girl like lalayla! Mommy needs to call her and have her come play with me! She takes me outside and plays with me a lot! When I go to lalayla's house, I play with Natty! I love Natty!

I know I am forgetting something! Oh! That's right! My new favorite show is Calliou! I LOVE CALLIOU! He is a lot of fun to watch! I watch him and color! Today I colored on the carpet! Mommy told me not to and I did it anyway.  Then I got a time out AND had to clean up the marker! I didn't like time out, but cleaning is fun! I love cleaning! When Mommy cleans she gives me a rag too and I help! I also help with the laundry and cooking!  I am a big girl! I am such a big girl I can count! When Mommy says one, I say two! Mommy says I am going to be two on Sunday! She is trying to teach me to hold up my two fingers, but it is hard! I'll get it though cause I'm smart!

Well, that's all for now! I'll write some more after my birthday party and let you know all about my cake!

See Ya Later!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Surgery went well :)

Dr. Tylor just came out and said the surgery went very well.  That getting an IV in Lily was the hardest part.  Guess they had to try several places.  Glad she was out for that!  They'll be coming to get me very soon so I'll be there with her while she wakes up!

Jon's test

PS  Jon did VERY well on his test this morning!  YES!