Lily Anne

Lily Anne
18 months

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pictures

Hello!  HowerU! That's what I say when I talk on my phone!

So the other day, the sun was shining and Momma took me on a long drive, not going to see Daddy- long, but a long drive in town.  When she stopped the car, she let me out and there was a lady there and a WHOLE BUNCH of pretty butter cups! Momma asked me if I wanted to wear my hat and I said yes! Then Momma told me I could walk around and pick flowers! She showed me how to pick flowers, that was so fun!  That lady that was there kept taking my picture and Momma said I should try to catch the lady!  I chased her and chased her and had the BEST time!  Momma chased me and I chased Momma!  We got to run around and around in the flowers, and that lady kept taking my picture!  I don't know who she was but she was hard to catch!  I did catch her a few times though and she tickled me!  The pictures the lady took turned out cute!

Yesterday when I went outside it was a little cold and Momma asked me if I wanted to wear my hat, Momma told me it's the one Grandma, Pop & Aunt Hope got for me and because I LOVE my hat, I said YEA!  I wore my hat with a big petty flower outside all day yesterday!

See Ya Later!



  1. Seriously, I LOVE them all!! Good luck on picking which ones to print lol! They all turned out so amazing, but it helps when your kid is absolutely perfect in every way & gorgeous!

  2. Awe! Thanks Brook! Perfect as a Preemie!