Lily Anne

Lily Anne
18 months

Friday, July 8, 2011

Big news!

Hey!  It's me! So let me see... where do I start!  Um! Um! Um! Um! Mommy took me on an airplane to go see Daddy!  That was so fun because when we landed, Daddy was there!  We got in his truck and went to this really loud place with jets and choppers!  It was Easter and I met the Easter Bunny!!!!  And hunted eggs!  Mommy and Daddy said I did a good job!  I am glad because in those eggs was CANDY!  And I love candy!  Mommy said we were only going to get to see Daddy a few days, well I can tell you a few days is a REALLY REALLY long time!  Because we stayed there so long that we got to see Daddy graduate!  Daddy took Mommy and me to the aquarium and the beach and a fort and we had a lot of fun!  And then!!!!!  He got to drive us home to Tennessee!

When we got home, Mommy and Daddy packed everything in my room and the whole house while I played at Grandma n Pop Pop's n Dalana's and just anywhere I wanted to go!  When I go with Pop-Pop, I get to feed she-she's (fish) and the cows!  I LOVE to do that!  It is my most favorite thing in the whole world!  And then, I even got to see my GG!  I haven't seen GG since I was a baby, and I don't even remember that!  Her and great-Grandpa got me a baby!  I love my baby! 

Then Daddy and Mommy got a great, big, giant, huge truck!  It was so big, it fit all of our stuff!  Even my bed!  Then they put Mommy's car on a thing behind the big truck!  And Mommy and I got in Daddy's truck and we drove behind Daddy for a REALLY REALLY long time!  When we stopped, we stayed in a hotel and even got to let Te-O (Tito) stay with us!  Te-O rode with Daddy!  I wanted Te-o to ride with me, but Mommy said no.  :-(    Then we drove a really long time again and when we got there, Schwabie and Lela (Leah) and a bunch of Daddy's friends met us at a pretty house!  And guess what!  It's OUR house!  I love it!  It is fun because Lela and Schwabie come see us all the time!  But then it is sad, because Mommy and Daddy say it is REALLY far to Pop-Pop and Grandma's house!  :-(  I still like our new house! 

So since we have a new house in North Carolina, we live with Daddy because he is done with school and that makes Mommy and me VERY HAPPY!  Oh and a couple of days after we got here, Mommy and Daddy told me I am going to be a big sister and I am so excited!  Mommy has a baby in her belly and I talk to it and kiss it all the time!  Mommy said the baby has to grow in there until a whole month after Christmas! That's a REALLY long time!  But I can wait!  I just hope that baby waits, because Mommy and Daddy worry after I came early and we all want the baby to be big n strong n healthy! 

So Mommy has to go to the doctor a lot for the baby, but when she does I get to go to DAYCARE!  I love Daycare!  I get to play with kids and friends and on the slide and in the sand and paint and have fun!  And I don't go to Doctor Holly anymore.  I miss her, but I like my new doctors.  They have she-she's on the door!  And that doctor sent me to see Miss Amy!  She plays with me and we eat!  She gives me candy and snacks and drinks and if she wants me to do something, she will let me play with a toy and then I will do it.  Sometimes I make her let me play a little longer before I will do it.  Because I am smart!  And then we went to a doctor far away and there was this REALLY OLD doctor, but he was nice!  I like the doctors in North Carolina!  Not one single doctor has given me one single shot!  I HATE SHOTS!  NO SHOTS in North Carolina!  I like it here!  Anyways, that doctor was at least FIVE HUNDRED!  And he had the nurse put something on my cheek and then Mommy drove me to another doctor and I went in with a lady and they took a picture of my arm.  They were checking me for See disease (Celiac's disease).  Whatever that means, all I care about is I didn't get a shot!  Well, the doctor called Mommy and said I have the marker for Celiac's and now I have to go back in August and have a scope.  I don't know what that is, but it better not be a shot!  I HATE SHOTS! 

Daddy works a lot, but he does that so that he can take care of Mommy and me and we love him for that!  But we miss him when he's not at home!  Since we've been here with my Daddy, he and I have gotten REALLY close!  Like best friends!  I LOVE MY DADDY!  AND I LOVE MY MOMMY TOO!  Oh and a few days ago, we went on a LONG drive and we brought Te-O and went to Tennessee!  We got to spend time with Grandma, Pop-Pop, Aunt Hopey, Aunt Cree-So (Crystal), Papa, Mamaw, Mandy, Wesley, Kory, Dakota, Dalana, and Brandy!  Pop-pop took me a bunch of times to see the cows and feed the she-she's!  And when we were at Papa's, he and Daddy took me to the water!  But Pop-Pop took me THREE TIMES!  He spoils me so much!  I just follow him everywhere because I love him!  And I got to go to the grocery store with Grandma and Aunt Cree-So!  That was fun!  I got to spend a lot of time with Grandma, Aunt Cree-So and Aunt Hopey!  Uncle Marcus was busy, so I didn't see him much.  I sure miss him though!  I got to spend the night with Mandy and Wesley and Kory and Dakota!  They spoil me too!  They gave me a bunch of candy and stuff and books!  And built me a new cardboard house!  I love them too!  They took me to a parade and Mommy and Daddy were in the parade!  Then I went with Mommy and Daddy and we played games, n won prizes n ate ice cream and then Mommy and me did a cake walk.  I don't know why they call it that because we didn't walk on any cakes!  But after we walked round and round and round a bunch, Mommy yelled and picked me up and I got to pick out a cake-cake!  There was a cake-cake with marshmallow stars on it so I picked it out!  Ruby McClure made it!  She sits with her Mommy and Grandma in front of Pop-Pop and Grandma in church!  It was so yummy!  THEN we went to Grandma and Pop-Pop's house and ate and everyone but me and Mommy fell asleep!  So Mommy asked if I wanted to go play with Olivia!  So we went across the street to Aunt Jamie and Uncle Michael's house and I got to swim with Olivia and Lauren and Brandon and Gracie!  Then Samantha put shiny stuff on mommy's hair!  And then Mommy took me back to Daddy!  And I got to see Tyrell, Orry and Cathryn!  Then Grandma rocked me to sleep and the next day we drove back to North Carolina!  I sure loved seeing all of my friends in Tennessee!  Mommy, Daddy and I miss Tennessee!  They said we can move there again in a few years!  I hope that's not a long time!

Love Ya!

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