Lily Anne

Lily Anne
18 months

Friday, January 14, 2011


Lily's surgery has been rescheduled for 2/7/11 at 9:15 am.

She has to stay not sick from now until then - so prayers for her health please!  :)  Or we'll have to reschedule again!

Surgery Postponed

Lily's surgery is postponed at least three weeks.  She has to be strep free for three weeks!  I will update when I get the new date.


Just stinks!

Today just stinks!  First Mommy took me to the doctor and I don't feel good!  Then we didn't even get to play in the toy room, Mommy said sick kids can't play with the toys!  As if that wasn't bad enough, it took the nurse a whole hour to call my name so I had to be good with only the toys Mommy brought!  Then they made me sit on the scale and I just didn't want to!  I wanted Mommy to hold me so I cried really hard and the nurse still made me sit there!  I did weigh just over 20 pounds still!  Mommy said that is the accurate scale, there she went with the big words again!  So then we went into the little room and there were some toys in there.  I didn't want to play with the toys, I wanted to play with the light things so I could check my animal's ears!  I brought pig, cow AND horse today!  The nurse today wasn't nice like them other nurses!  She didn't even let me play with the light thingies!  I gave her a look that Mommy said was a scowl!  Well, if she'd let me play with the lights, I'd have smiled at her!

Today the nurses and Doctor Holly did everything to Mommy that they did to me!  Doctor Holly looked in my mouth and some nurse stuck some thingie in my throat and made me mad!  Then they did it to Mommy, but she didn't get mad.  Then they stuck a thingie in my nose and then they stuck a thingie in Mommy's nose.  Then Doctor Holly looked in my ears, and said tickle, tickle.  I was good for Doctor Holly!  I even gave her a picture Mommy and I had made just for her to keep!  I love Doctor Holly!  She never ever gives me shots or sticks stuff in my nose or down my throat!  She always looks in my ears and my mouth and rubs my neck and says silly stuff to me.  When Doctor Holly looked in Mommy's ears she didn't say tickle, tickle.  She said ooh they're still pretty bad.  Then we had to wait a REALLY long time and was tired and getting hungry so I started throwing fits!  Mommy tried everything she could to make me happy.  I just wanted to go home!  Plus I miss my Daddy!  This never happens when Daddy is here!  I betcha my Daddy wouldn't let them nurses stick stuff in my nose and throat!  :)  So then Doctor Holly came back and told Mommy that I have Strep again and I could tell Mommy was sad.  I hugged Mommy and she hugged me!  Then that mean ole nurse lady came back in with a shot and held me down on the bed and stuck that awful shot in my leg and it hurt!  I do not like that nurse!  Another nice nurse came in and brought me THREE whole stickers!  Dora, Carebare and Scooby!  I like my stickers!  Then Mommy and I finally got to go home! 

Now we're home and I'm sleepy so I'll be in my crib sleepin for a little while.  Mommy says that makes me get better so she hopes I sleep for a good while!

Love ya,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting ready!

Today my nose was all yucky and I wasn't feelin so good, so Mommy took me to the doctor.  I took pig and pony with me!  When the nurses called us back I weighed on a big girl scale.  Mommy says it was a little off, whatever that means.  It said I weigh 23 pounds! Mommy said I normally weigh in a dry diaper, without all my clothes, shoes, pig and pony. 

When we got back into the room, one of the nurses let me play with those light thingies they look in my ears and nose with!  She showed me how to look in pig's ears!  Pigs ears look good (the doctor lady said mine were a little pink). Well, Pig's were pink, and he was fine - so that must mean I'm fine too!  GUESS WHAT!  I didn't even have to get any shots or stuck with ouchie things and no one stuck any things down my throat this time!  I like this doctor A LOT!  The doctor lady is going to have Mommy give me some medicine (pseudoephedrine) to keep my ear from getting any worse before my surgery!  Kinda silly because my ear was pink, just like Pig's!

Before we left I told everyone bye-bye and SEE YA and I blew kisses to some people!  One of the nurses told me that she remembers when I was just a little bity baby!  Mommy said I was almost four pounds when that nurse gave me my first shots!  I don't remember it, so I still like her!  I got a 2 Dora stickers, a Pooh sticker and another sticker!  I stuck them on Mommy!  Then I took them back and stuck them on my shirt!  I wore them to Wal-Mart like that! 

Mommy said this Wal-Mart trip was just for me! We bought VERY special pajamas for me to wear when we stay in the hospital!  They are purple with a butterfly that says ONE OF A KIND!  And the bottoms say SLEEP TIGHT!  I think Mommy needs special pajamas too, but she couldn't find matching ones so she said she'll wear something she has from home.  We also got a new purple rubber ducky!  Three kinds of juice, frozen juice packs, yogurt, jello, pudding, apples (Mommy calls them oranges, but I call everything round apple), teddy grahams and gummy bears!  The oranges were my pick!  I hollared at Mommy APPLE! APPLE! And so she let me pick out a bunch!  I like to chew on them and suck the juice out and spit them back out on to the plate.  I try to feed them to Tito, but he just will not eat them!  Silly dog!  He doesn't know they're yummy!  He usually eats whatever I give him, and some things I don't and that makes me MAD!  I say NO TITO!  And Mommy gets really mad at him!

Mommy gave me a piece of candy when we got home!  I wanted more, but she said I couldn't have any more tonight because it was medicine (tylenol)!  I know it was candy!  Medicine is yucky and I have to suck it out of a dropper!  This was a piece of candy!  And I like candy!  There is another medicine that Mommy said I can't have tonight because it will make me hyper.  Whatever that means!  She said I can have some in the morning!  Guess I'll find out then what hyper is!  I hope it's fun!  I'll let ya know!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Lily's Surgery

Hey!  It's Lily!  I will be having those annoying things in the back of my mouth taken out on January 17th at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital!  I kinda like that place!  When Mommy takes me there, we always visit the pretty rainbow of butterflies on the second floor!  This is my favorite place to play!  I know when Mommy takes me to the butterflies, I am done seeing the doctors there, and sometimes there is singing, which I love!  I even got up on the stage and danced one time!  I hope that when I go for this stuff in a few weeks, I will have some fun again!  Dr. Tylor is also going to take something out called adddddd  addddd (adenoids - Mommy said), ya that's them!  She told Mommy that it will help me breathe and I may even sleep better at night!  I think I sleep just fine!  :)  Mommy also said that we get to stay the night at the place with the pretty colorful butterflies!  I am glad that she gets to stay with me! 

Mommy will write for me while I get better!  Dr. Tylor said that should take about two weeks!

Lily Anne