Lily Anne

Lily Anne
18 months

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pictures

Hello!  HowerU! That's what I say when I talk on my phone!

So the other day, the sun was shining and Momma took me on a long drive, not going to see Daddy- long, but a long drive in town.  When she stopped the car, she let me out and there was a lady there and a WHOLE BUNCH of pretty butter cups! Momma asked me if I wanted to wear my hat and I said yes! Then Momma told me I could walk around and pick flowers! She showed me how to pick flowers, that was so fun!  That lady that was there kept taking my picture and Momma said I should try to catch the lady!  I chased her and chased her and had the BEST time!  Momma chased me and I chased Momma!  We got to run around and around in the flowers, and that lady kept taking my picture!  I don't know who she was but she was hard to catch!  I did catch her a few times though and she tickled me!  The pictures the lady took turned out cute!

Yesterday when I went outside it was a little cold and Momma asked me if I wanted to wear my hat, Momma told me it's the one Grandma, Pop & Aunt Hope got for me and because I LOVE my hat, I said YEA!  I wore my hat with a big petty flower outside all day yesterday!

See Ya Later!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today I am two!

This morning when I got up I was at Dalana's! We played for a while with Katelynn and Madison! That was so fun! Then Mama came to get me and I was so excited to see her! When we got home there were balloons everywhere! Mama put some on the mailbox and in the living room and in the dining room! I was so excited! There was a banner that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY with cows and chickens and pigs and sheep and a horse and a duck! I LOVE ANIMALS! In the dining room and on the porch there were decorations that had other animals on it, like a unicorn and dolphin! Mama sang me Happy Birthday and I liked it! Then I took a bath to get ready for my party! I didn't know what Mama was making such a big deal about but I know now!

First Mama's friend Lauri came with my friend Maybree! They brought CAKE!  I love cake!  I wanted to eat the cake and when Mama said I had to wait for my party I got mad! Then Olivia came and I was SO EXCITED! I screamed and waved at her in the window! Olivia brought her Mommy and Aunt Jamie and of course Clairebear! More and more people kept coming and I was so excited! Mary came with her mommy, Sandra! Then PAPA and MAMAW HELEN came and I screamed and they wanted hugs, but I got scared! I gave them hugs later when I wasn't so scared! Then Aunt Mitzi came! Oh and Dalana came and brought her mama too! And Jana came!  I love everyone that came!  After everyone got there we played pin the tail on the donkey.  Mama made Dalana wear a blindfold and she spun Dalana around.  The rest of us didn't have to do that... Clairbear didn't play, she was busy eating! Olivia won and she got a prize! It was markers and me and all my friends colored with her markers!  That was so fun!  When I was coloring Papa was tickling me and I liked it!

After we colored a while, then people ate food!  I wanted cake and I got mad at Mama again! Then Daddy called and mama kept talking to him about the laptop... so I played some more! Finally Mama brought me in the kitchen to eat cake!  AND DADDY WAS ON THE LAPTOP and I smiled at him! I love when Daddy is on the laptop! Mama lit my candle and then everyone started to sing and it scared me and I cried until Mama came and hugged me.  Mama picked me up and then I smiled at everyone! Mama wanted me to blow out the candle and that was silly, so Mama helped me!  THEN I FINALLY GOT TO EAT CAKE!  My very own 2 cake! It was chocolate!  Then everyone ate the animal cake!  Mary and Olivia sat at the table with me eating cake!

After we ate cake, I played a little while with my friends.  Then Mama said it was time to open presents! My first present was a rake and all I wanted to do was play with my rake and Mama wanted me to open presents! So finally I went back and helped Mama open my presents!  I got a laptop from Pop, Grandma, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Hope! Aunt Mitzi got me fruit roll-ups and a really neat book! Emily and Maggie didn't get to come because Emily's been sick :-(  BUT they still sent me a present!  It was a vacuum that is just my size and REALLY works!  Dalana and Brandy got me some punching balloons, a drawing pad thingie and some special rewritable papers! Uncle Marcus, Aunt Amanda and cousin Bradley got me a pillow that has my name on it!  I know Aunt Amanda worked really hard on that! Papa and Mamaw got me a blanket and a pillow to match! Mary and her mama got me a couple pairs of VERY comfy pajamas! Jana got me the cutest outfit with matching hair bows!  Olivia, Clairbear and their mama got me some Barbies!  Aunt Jamie got me the cutest dress!  The rake was from Daddy and Mama... they also got me a doctor play set and a GIANT coloring book with stickers!  A lot of the cards I got had stickers in them and that will be a lot of fun to play with Mama!  I think that is EVERYTHING I got, MAN that is a lot of stuff! 

My favorite part of my whole birthday was Daddy on the laptop and my friends all coming over to play and eat CAKE!